840 EVO Performance Restoration... Need help

So I'm trying to fix the performance problem with my 840 EVO by running the performance restoration tool for 840 EVOs. if you don't know about it Samsung basically made a mistake or something and here is more information about it



Just 3 things


1. In the video just listed they said "The tool is going to expect a single NTSF partion, so you have to get the drive to that state". Is this ok I see two things but I still think I'm ok? (Disk 0 is the SSD)



2.They tried it on 5 SSDs and it failed on one, losing everything and the risk of it failing is pretty high. I'm trying to backup my SSD onto my HDD but windows just tells me that you can't backup to a drive which the computer boots up from or windows is installed on. But my HDD doesn't have windows on it. I made sure it wasn't even plugged in when installing windows


3. I have tried running the software but it fails and says 

If you use a third party storage driver, then this software may not work properly. Please check whether your driver is the latest version or is provided by Microsoft.


I'm updated to the lasted AMD drivers but it still won't work. How do I roll back to Microsoft storage drivers