8350 Vs i5-3570k

Seen this posted on /g/, thought you guys may enjoy reading it if you haven't already:


Tis a bit old, still a pretty good read though.

Yeh, from what I've seen in that and skimming over benchmarks by sites like Tomshardware, it seems the 8350 is a far better CPU than they say it is. Not as good as what Logan's results turned out, but still very good. 

Agreed the value for money aspect of it is really good, although its still a bit slower than a 3570K it can take on quite a bit.

Well, the initial cost atleast. The power draw is somewhat excessive, which is something AMD really needs to work on as this can really run up your electricity bill.

Both are good options, but still don't get what all the fus is about over which cpu is better lol.  Just choose one and call it a day a graphics card will make much more of impact in terms of performance in games.

I couldnt agree with you more, I also couldnt agree with you less. While the GPU is what makes games run smoothly, without a good CPU your GPU will be left struggling, you need a good GPU and CPU in order to have a well balanced computer, although if on a budget to make a purely gaming computer, then yes, the GPU will matter more. But you cannot match up an i3 with a 7970 and say everything is going to go well.


but  if it comes to  i5-3570k vs FX8350.

i would say go for the FX  cause its cheaper overall, and mostly performs better in gaming.

but,  some games just run better on intel other like amd more, its just how they designed.

both are good options, but price to perfomance, i just say the amd, cause wenn you look logans movies, you see, that the FX8350 is a closer call to the  i7 3770k.

it just performing a bit between them.

But in streaming/gaming the FX beats both i5 and i7 in some games.

so for the money its a realy good  bang for buck,to go with the AMD cause  its also more future proof am3+ socket, that will stay on for a while. and mainboard are mostly cheaper then similar feutured  z77 boards.

dont get this wrong intel still makes better cpu´s but its because they have a better percore performance, but since  program´s become more multi threaded,  the diffrences are realy  minimum in overall tasking.

that its just isnt worth the money, to go for the i7 3770k  in my oppinion.

i would say go for the AMD FX8350 realy, the money you saving you can put in  a better gpu!

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The only time an 8350 will even come near an i7 is when streaming, otherwise it has nothing on it. I'm sorry but I have to call complete bullshit on Logan's Video. The results were just too extreme to be believeable. If other websites can replicate those results, then fine. But otherwise, the 8350 is a long way off the i7.

The initial cost of the 8350 is lower, yes, but the increased power draw means it's really going to run up your electricity bill. 

Yeh optimisation comes into when playing games, but alot of companies are still optimising for Intel, this really hampers how AMD chips perform. For gaming, the i5-3570k beats the 8350, but not by much as shown in the link I had posted.

In the end I would go with AMD though, from what I have seen, the motherboards tend to be cheaper, and also the fact of how well AMD chips OC.

Ofc everybody may have  theire own toughts about amd vs intel..

and logans videos, or  all the other websites that did benchmarking..

To me movies like logan did, realy played games, and comparred the games, with allmost identical system specs, look realy more trusted to me, then some sites with only numbers, and pictures about benchmark programm´s like 3d mark and bla bla..

i eaven saw  a movie someone comparred an old Fx6100 vs an I7 3770k playing battlefield 3 , with both the same system specs same memory same gpu.

and it was a draw in fps in that game between those 2 cpus.

But it will be allways a  discussion without end.

my oppinion:

if you need an overall highend system, and you can afford it then go with an Intel x79 hexacore setup.

if you don´t need a highend system, but just want great  gaming performance.

then go with AMD. with eye on price to performance :)


How can you say Logan's benchmarks are "bullshit"? He didn't show anything that I haven't seen on other websites.

You should check out hardwarecanucks.com

They do a good review as well.

The AMD will not increase the power bill by that much, unless one constantly has there cpu at 100% load... That is something that I was concerned with when making my choice on a cpu and I have found it to be quite exaggerated. My monthly bill has barely increased over not having the pc entirely. It is going to take years for the power bill to negate the difference.

+1 totaly agreed with that.

i never talk about the power consumption thing, cause its realy not interessting, to a normal user. Only intel fans come up with those kinds of things.

yeah if you have a room with 30 computers then maybe he can have a point.wenn it comes to power consumtion.

but single gaming system, who cares ☺


Best part of the op was the rabid fanboyism on both sides of the aisle that lead to the topic being locked 'cause the mods god tired of both sides acting like children. Most of the good fanboy posts have been deleted sadly, but it was a fun read when it was new.

I go with whatever side has the best product at the time

cost does not really bother me

intel for raw performance and smoothness

amd for value and muscle in multi threaded programs

go amd, it's cheaper. has only slighly worse performance in some games, and slightly better in others. you will also be much happier when doing heavily threaded tasks.

linus's video also showed taht they are pretty much equal. The gpu matters much more