8350 vs 4770k

Hello. I am in the market for a new computer and can't decide which processor to buy. The FX 8350 or i7 4770k. I am trying to get into video editing more and will probably video edit in the future.  But I still like to game. I like Skyrim, the Witcher, Bioshock Infinite and more.

The difference in price for my AMD build and Intel build is roughly $100. Would it be worth it to pay that much more in the long run?

Here is my part list:

Intel   http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1iRD1

AMD   http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1iRDU


I have an SSD and just need a big HDD.  I have peripherals.   I have Windows 7.  My reasoning for the motherboard is that I intend to re-use a sound card that uses PCI.  I don't really have a budget, but don't want to go overboard for x79 or something. :-)


If you don't really have a budget, I'd go for the 4770k. Based on synthetics, the 8350 does have a better price/performance ratio, but the 4770k is faster and has the advantage of QuickSync, which makes the 4770k clearly better in video editing. As per gaming, the 4770k features a high IPC, Hyper-threading, and an unlocked multipler for OCing, allowing it to perform well in gaming, regardless of thread optimization, where as the 8350 heavily relies on the game being multi-threaded optimized for competitive performance due to it's relative poor per core performance. I believe Skyrim is a CPU bound that isn't well-threaded. Again, I'd give the upper-hand to the 4770k.

Here is a general comparison:


Well both cpu´s are great and very capable of doing the stuff you want,  the intel i7 is faster. but the diffrences aren´t that big, i would personaly if the budget doesnt care you, then i would go for the intel. pure for the raw per core performance. but still the AMD FX8350 is still a great cpu. what ever you choose you wont get dissapointed.

I'd go with the 8350 because the new consoles run a 8 core APU, unfortunalty a lot of games will be ports from the consoles and the 8 cores may work better. 8350 is cheaper anyways and you could spend that money elsewhere. Then again the 4770k is a very good option and is faster.