8350 vs 2600? (non k)

i have a 955 BE with a Crosshair V formula and a spare i7 2600 that i got as a present with no mobo.

basically i can upgrade to the 8350 with my crosshair v or get a mobo for the i7 2600 

which one will have better performance if i were to overclock my 8350 to 5.0 ghz and my i7 2600 to 3.8 (through boost clock) 

im mostly using my build for 1080p+ gaming 

and possibly some programming 

Hmm, odd situation, thats a super expensive mobo, but the i7 is a more powerful chip in most situations. If it were a i7 2600k I'd say switch over, but since its not... I dunno, strange situation. Do you have a problem with re-gifting/selling it?

I'd say, figure out which you can sell more easily, let that sway your build, if you can sell the AMD mobo for a good price then you'll probably want to go that way. In games you'll barely notice the difference between them unless you have a super expensive GPU. When it comes to programming the FX chip will compile faster but the i7 will burn that single threaded linker faster.

Heres some benchmarks between the two:


If you OC the FX chip, you can add about 15%-25% to the FX stats. Realistically, it'll cost just under $200 either way (could go with a cheaper mobo if ya wanted), so again, I'd sell whichever would be easier/more profitable to sell.

I would persionally sell the Amd mobo and cpu and the intel one aswell and just get a top of the line 3770k and a z77 mobo with the money there is no use in investing in older or worse hardware


But thats just what I would do