8350 stock settings safe voltage settings for bios

What are safe voltage settings for amd 8350

I am running at stock.

dude this really does vary from cpu to cpu as it come's down to silcon quality and the die's are manufactured in batches on waffers that look a bit like this:

as you can see the waffer is a circle in shape and the closer to the outside of the circle each induvidual cpu die is the poorer the silicon quality is there for the less overclockable a cpu is as the silcon may not be good enough to hold a stable lower voltage at it's set clockspeed whatever that may be, in other words the purier the silcon the lower the voltage can be to hold a stable clock. so with this in mind, trial and error is the way your going to find out, drop the the stock voltage in tiny increments at a time and at each drop stability test it with prime 95 for example then just rinse and repeat until its no longer stable and return to the last known stable voltage, this is good to do even if your not oc'ing as it reduces heat output and improves the cpu lifespan.