8350 Overclocking Troubles

I cannot push my 8350 past 4.4Ghz at all (Cooling is not the issue, It idles at <30c and maxes out around 47c running p95 at 4.4Ghz). ANY amount over makes my computer boot without Aero and bluescreen less than a minute later. My motherboard isn't exactly an overclocking board though. I have the AsRock Extreme3 with a 4+1 power phase design. Is it guaranteed that my instability is due to having a low end motherboard, or is there a chance that I got a sub par 8350 that actually cant OC past 4.4Ghz. I want to get the new AM3+ sabertooth board and I want to know if it is going to be worth it.


Basically, Is it worth it to buy a better motherboard and try to push my clocks higher or should I just stick with what I have.

Yes, buy a better board if you want to oc.

Are you giving it enough voltage?

Voltage doesn't matter if the voltage is garbled from going through a crappy power phase that doesn't have good signal filtering it's going to be unstable when you try overclocking.

I have a AsRock Extreme3 you cant push it far i can only get 4Ghz out of my FX8320 (i am surprised i got that to be honest)

You need a good 8+ power phase mobo for a decent overclock

Yeah no matter what voltage I pump into it at andything past 4.4 it won't boot. I need 1.3875v @4.4 to be stable and I could put as much as 1.5v and it won't boot at 4.5. IS it worth it to buy a better motherboard just for a few extra megahertz though?

Spending $140 on a 6+2 digital power phase equipped motherboard will get you 4.6 GHz to 5.0 GHz depending on how your chip performs past 4.6 GHz. I will say that on average, most FX-8350s will get at least 4.8 GHz though.


I have the 8350 with the Gigabyte 990fxa-ud3 (rev 1.1) and my 8350 seems to hit a wall at 4.6ghz. 4.5ghz is rock stable at 1.440v, temps are fine (have Kraken X60). However, to get even to 4.6ghz and up, I need to push 1.472v and UP! I did NOT win the silicon lottery with this one, obviously.



That's pretty normal for an FX-8350, 1.476v-1.488v at 4.8 GHz is typically the norm for that kind of overclock.


I get 4.8 with 1.45v and 5.0 with 1.4825v, that's with UH CPU LLC and every bit of setting optimized. My current CPU is week 02/13, before I had week 08/13 and that got did not get stable with 4.8GHz and 1.5+volts no matter what. 

I am not arguing that it might be the board (I wouldn't know), but I am just saying that it's not only about CPU-vcore (if that might be case). Without adjust my CPU LLC, CPU/NB LLC, current capabilities, CPU/NB voltage, NB HT voltage... I would not get 5GHz below 1.5v / at all...

Also, make sure that your ram is at 1600MHz and slow timings to rule out any issues there when just going for the cpu clock :)