8350 - 4.8 ghz watercooled

This seems to be my limit, when I try to crank it any higher and it just bluescreens during a 20 minute prime 95 test.

for stability at 4.8 I have the cpu voltage set to 1.48750

bus frequency is set to 220 mhz and multiplier is set to 22.0

I havent tried any long burn tests yet at 4.8 but I am pretty certain it will pass... going to do an 8 hour burn test tonight when I go to sleep.

big image...

Still, better rendering performance than a 12 core opteron... i can live with that :D

Are you using a custom water cooling loop or a All in One kit?

CHA_FAN3   337500 rpm

ignore cha_fan3


stupidly put the wrong connector into the board and it isnt reading it properly.. keeps putting crazy numbers on there, it isnt that loud honest!

when I can be bothered will put it on the right one and set it up properly with the corsair link software

its the h80i

less than 1 hour into a burn test at 4.8 and it failed, gone back to 4.6 ghz for now

at the moment I am trying to find a mix I am happy with regarding heating / noise vs grunt power

if I keep it stock up to 4.3 then I can run the h80i in silent mode, anything over that and the noise starts slowly creeping back :(


which motherboard do you have? ☺

sabertooth 990 fx r2

This is also my first amd processor since the amd k62 450mhz and also my first unlocked processor ever so I am having a bit of fun tinkering with it.

Very messy cabling :)

Will sort if I can be bothered

case is antec 1100

Going to have another go at getting it stable at 4.8 tonight

fans are in push / pull and everything seems to be working okay.


woow looks very nice..

im currious how far that you gonne come with this board cooling and cpu ☺ i stay tuned

Did you ever tought about chancing the original fans (if possible) from the H80i ?

Dat cable management. haha, but good job.

good news is I can get it up to 4.8ghz and have it not die during a 1 hour prime95 burn test, bad news is the noise from all the fans + pump is unacceptable, at the end of that hour it sounded like it was dying and wanted putting out of its misery :D (reminiscent of the old machine it replaced).

So although I CAN run at 4.8 I dont think I will be.

I have also noticed some weird gaming performance when I alter the multiplier.

If I stick to altering the cpu bus and leave the multiplier alone then gaming is awesome (crysis 3, borderlands 2 etc), if I alter the multiplier I get weird timing issues.. e.g really fast one second and then normal speed another in a stop / start manner.. Borderlands 2 flat out refuses to run as soon as I alter the multiplier.

Not fussed, still think the 8350 was a good purchase decision as a replacement for my old machine.

Its also a lot of fun for me as this is my first unlocked processor

Its odd, part of that fun is pressing a few buttons in the overclock config, running a test and hoping it doesnt go kaboom, what does that say about me? :D

Tried a real world test using an old model I was working on in cinema4d.. 

14 secs with global illumination and no caching going on.. over twice as fast as the machine it is replacing (an old dual processor xeon) and this is at 4.6ghz.

Well done amd