8350, 3570k, OR Intel Xeon E3-1230?!not

Intel Xeon E3-1230.. It's very similarly priced to the 3570k but I heard it has better performance.. what do you all think? (not gonna buy.. just wondering)

I use an i5 3570k , run's like a bloody furnace. I prefer the 8350 , tried overclocking with my friends and it was far more succesfful in my opinion. I would get the 8350 if I could pick again.

lol the main thing was the xeon! What bt that? I heard it competes with i7s.. but on newegg its for about $220! It's 1155 socket as well

I would have used the list on the link below to compare CPUs, but I think you need to publish more information about the purpose of the processor (gaming, workstation, SQL Server, ...):

You are not overclocking it.
That is the difference.
If you never plan on overclocking an i7 k-series then I would go Xenon.

Well i would say depending on your needs. If you plan to overclock i would scrap the Xeon.

8350 is a great chip in general, can overclock well, great for streaming, heavy multitasking, great for gaming (performance vs intel in gaming is quite negligible) it can keep up, especially when paired with a good board that can unlock its potential with great overclocks.

3570k IMO is quite limited for professional use compared to the 8350. I understand that in raw performance, the 3570k outperforms the 8350; but i feel that for the value the 8350 has just a little more.

Xeon E3-1230 is generally meant for workstation activities, so i would buy it if you're looking for super long computer sessions, heavy workstation work like graphic design, film rendering, long 3d renders, and things that require heavy elapsed usage.

The xeon is a slightly underclocked i7 3770 with a locked multiplier. Out of the box it will perform better in some programs and maybe worse in others. If you're just gaming I would go with the i5.

Where are you going to use the system for?
i would personaly not botter with either AMD and ivybridge to be honnest.
But it depends all on your needs.

I would personaly look into haswell. if you can afford.
Xeon 1231-V3 with H97 mobo if you look for a mixbag of gaming, en productivity. The only con is no overclocking. But its not realy that nessesary.

For pure gaming and general tasks, a 4690K with Z97 board..