$810 First PC

Firstly, I know that I've made a few posts already, but people aren't answering clearly. So, I'm building an $810 gaming computer (my first) and I know barely anything about compatibillity stuff. Does this work?


Please tell me if it works or not, THEN suggest stuff. I can't tell you how many people never answer the question of if it works. Thank you.

personally if your on a budget i would go with and amd graphics card and save some money there price to performance is way better. And you dont need an anti static wrist strap just touch the side of your can or pay 8 dollars it up too you. plz look at a 990x motherboard as well

Should be ok might have to flash your mobo bios for the piledriver cpu i went with a  ASUS M5A97R2.0 to avoid that the R2.0 boards are ready to go. Will be real nice with a GTX670

First off, YES! that all works together :P

Suggestions...ummm perhaps getting a better quality CPU heatsink rather than the stock one. Do you have an operating system disk already or do you need to buy one?

Maybe the graphics card / CPU combo is too one sided, maybe trying to balence it out would be a better build (a slightly slower GPU and a slightly faster CPU).

All depends on your needs off the PC and budget tho

i am sure he will just be pirating windows like the rest of us

I do not support pirating :D

Its also this guys first time at building a PC, it always best to supply as much infomation as possible.

I would switch out the powersupply for teh CX600 just saying.(10 dollars cheaper)

Already have accessories and OS. Would the fx-4300 or Phenom II X4 not bottleneck my 670? I don't do much stuff that requires more than 4 cores, and I could get an aftermarket cooler to allow OCing.

oh come on its either an activator or typing in a 25 digit code i find the activator easier

I might add another GPU or something in the future though, so I wanna keep the 650 watts.

I've already got it...

i would probably stick with the fx-4300


Thats a more rounded build imo for the same price but its upto you :)

I'd rather this computer last a long time, as the 670 will perform better for future games. Does the 4300 bottleneck the 670 though?

Newer games will be more CORE intensive than GPU intensive, the newer consoles are getting mulitcore processors meaning games will be multi thread optimized. Seeing as most PC games are ported from console titles your going to need a pretty futurre proof CPU over GPU imo.

Sure the 670 will last a long time but the 4300 wont, id reccomend going with a 660 (which is perfectly fine to play games on) and a stronger CPU, this way they will both start to stuggle at ruffly the same time, rather than having a CPU which will probably start to struggle within a year or so.

yes sadly everything evolves around consoles :(

Hmmm... What about the Phenom II X4 965 Black? I'm fine with replacing the processor in a year, and I could OC it. I'm just worried about bottlenecking.

Sad but true.

yeah it sucks but then again theres more profit in consoles currently so that where the game makers sit :P

okay we need to stay on track currently i know nothing about amd but i am sure someone does we need to help out this poor child so he can game his ass off