£800 pc

My friend wants to know just how good a pc he could get for £800. Would anyone be kind enough to put together an £800 rig on pcpart picker? I have literally nowhere to start with such a high budget.

He has monitors, keyboards and mouse, and a copy of windows.

It is purely for gaming, and he does not want an ssd.


Amd version


Amd version has a better gpu and the cpu's are simmilar.

This should be able to run all the games he wants


All for £749


I think this one is pretty solid!

However, if we cheap out on one or two components, we can fit a decent enough SSD:


Better GPU not found on PCpartpicker:


Currently priced less than £200

Thank you. Berserker, your build looks the most solid, thanks.

Here's what I came up with: http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/1wB3k

He said he doesn't really have a need for an ssd.

There's virtually no performance difference between an overclocked 7950 and an overclocked 7970GHz


Save yourself the money.

I'de be fine overclocking it but, he doesn't really want anything overclocked. Thanks anyway.