800$ pc

My friend is building a PC and has 800$. I want him to go used so he can get what will be listed here
CPU​ ​75$​ ​-​ ​E5​ ​2670
Motherboard​ ​130$​ ​T3600​ ​motherboard
Case​ ​80$​ ​Define​ ​R5
PSU​ ​​ ​80$​ ​​ ​750W​ ​gold
HDD​ ​50$​ ​1tb​ ​WD
RAM​ ​50$​ ​24GB​ ​ECC​ ​DDr3
CPU​ ​Cooler​ ​-​ ​50$​ ​​http://pcpartpicker.com/product/dVwqqs/scythe-cpu-cooler-scfm1000
GPU​ ​-​ ​280$​ ​GTX​ ​980

Most​ ​will​ ​be​ ​used,​ ​R5,​ ​PSU,​ ​and​ ​CPU​ ​cooler​ ​are​ ​new
Adds​ ​up​ ​to​ ​right​ ​around​ ​790$
What my friend wants to do is have someone he knows build the best one that can be built for the price. So basically I'm asking you guys to try to beat this build, he'll mostly be gaming, but with this PC he can do that and so much more. I just don't want to see him go with something like a 6600k and a 1060, because he can do a fair bit better for the price

If mainly for gaming i'd forget about the 2670, its single core performance is simply too low compared to what's out there at the moment for desktops.
For tasks other than gaming the 2670 will be blazing.
For tasks such as gaming he would properly be better off using a 8350 FX processor even though they're outdated, or even a core I of some sort, both got a better single core performance, but worse threaded performance.
The 2670 would properly have a renaissance with DX12 technology though, where cores counts once more, so it may be worth a shot.

I know the 2670 won't have that good single core performance. But if you got your data off of CPUboss, dont trust it. I used to get my data off of CPUboss, but after comparing some things, I realized its not that accurate. I personally use CPU.userbenchmark.com and GPU.user benchmark.com

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My point really was with the state of gaming now a days with DX11 being pretty much used for everything, you need as high single core as possible.
But just over the horizon DX12/mantle/what ever API is coming with ALOT better support for multi core CPUs.
But alas we're still stuck using DX11 games in most cases and nothing past 4 cores are used, and of those 4 cores only 1 core is running at full speed.
If you want my honest oppinion. Wait until ZEN drops, its a matter of months now. And regardless of how well ZEN performs the market will shift in the right direction, with either intel lowering the monopoly prices, Or maybe AMD finally got the head out of their arses and releases a cpu which can compete at a affordable price hopefully.

Is that a US build?

Also what's his display? if it's only 1080p 60hz the 980 is overkill

Not really? I run GTA5 at 60 easy on a phenom 2.

@Noburt Iqm sure that 2670 will be fine. But, you can make a mean 4K rig out of a 9370 and a fury X or Nano and 9370's have been dropping in price like nutso! I've been looking at one for a while. Almost 150 and when it gets to there thats when I'll grab one. 180 now.

no one should ever buy one of those 9xxx series CPUs, it's so entirely not worth it

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Says the one who stands by 8350's :P many would say the same for those chips you know.

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Right, they're only good for very specific use cases, and that's only the FX 8300 because of it's price


uhuh ;P

The single core performance stock is slightly higher on the E5-2670 then on the 8350. Overclocked the 8350 will be higher. I would rather have an old Xeon over and old AMD processor.

Dunno about that though, as there's a really sweet ASrock board that has USB 3.1 on it for AM3+

buy this, have the guy throw the 600watt power supply in it and buy a 1070 and a 1tb hdd asap

800 is allot considering what is available today.
20 to 30 dollar cases are awesome, as are 30 dollar PSU's
Used CPU maybe, used MB never, with 8320e/MB combos going for as little as 100 bucks. There are also cheap 880k,I3 sylake and I5 haswell combos.
The GPU situation is a buyers dream in the under 300 relm.
300 to 500 new builds are more then enough for 1080 gaming. 800 is no longer poor by any means IMHO

Then go for a intel CPU, IPC on them would be comparable to the XEON, but the single core clock frequency would just outrun it.
You use a XEON line CPU for threaded tasks eg. servers, not single core.
Clockwise the XEON's are allways behind the I series of CPUs, heck for gaming a Core i5 would run circles around a XEON, and this is simply because of the thermal problems of having so many cores on a single dice.
But try using handbrake, and the XEON would just run circles around anything out there on the market, and could proberly outperform multiple core i7's collaborating for a task.
Problem with the 2670 is it clocks at 2,6GHZ which is pretty much what my 3 YO lenovo laptop runs at, And of the 16 available threads on the dice, gaming would use 4, and only a single of them being used 100% while rest sortta just handles random calculations, which is why for gaming single core is so important, not threads(In the current state of the games available this remains, newer games sort of handles threading ALOT better. ALOT).
I forget but i believe it was PC-perspective(It quite possible was someone else) who did some quite intensive testing on the threads VS. single core performance for gaming.
My point really wasn't buy AMD, my point was for his very specific use case, the XEON might actually be a bottle neck on his system again for his specific use case e.g mainly gaming.