$800 Gaming Pc

Hey guys, I have a friend who wants to build a gaming pc with me. I don't know what parts to pick for his needs. He wants to use the bitfenix prodigy m case which is micro atx. This build is going to be for general computing with extremely light video and photo rendering. Since he is gaming I think a 1tb hdd is a must. His budget is $750 without monitor, os, and peripherals.

Thanks for the Help!

Edit* I saw a amd radeon r9 270x and I think that fits the budget ($199). And if you go amd I like 970 chipset minimum motherboards but they don't have those for micro atx. For Intel I think H77 is best because it has z77 features without overclocking. (He doesn't care for overclocking)



Why did you choose b85, im asking this because I dont know about intel chipsets I know more about amd chipsets.


b85 and h87 are basically the same thing cant oc but its a nice board.  7950 is better then the 270x for $200