$800 gaming build w/ i5 2500k

Hey everyone, looking for the best gaming build in the $800 range, dont need a os, would like it based on the i5 2500k. looking forward to all your suggestions. 

Here is the build im getting! http://pcpartpicker.com/p/zm1H

If it's just for gaming an AMD Vishera 6300 and a 7950 would probably be a better route to take, but for 800 an i5 is definitely possible.

But with the 2500k, I got this http://pcpartpicker.com/p/znIF. I actually don't mind it though, looks good to me lol. This thing should be able to handle pretty much whatever.

 Maybe more on a psu, but it'll do the job.

im looking for higher fps  more than pretty graphics, do you think the amd would be better at that price, and can you give me the build sheet for the amd.

That made absolutely no sense. FPS is frames per second...and if it gives more graphical power, you have more fps and 'pretty graphics'.

The graphics card is what really matters in games, but you have to make sure you have a cpu that won't bottleneck it. The FX6300 will perform really close to an i5 in games, and will OC pretty well if you plan on it.

That i5 build will be fine, a 7870 can handle pretty much every game out maxed now I'm pretty sure.

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/znXS . Here's the AMD build. Just pick whichever tickles your fancy I guess, I like em' both haha. The AMD one is probably going to be the better gaming build though.


Want a 7970?

If you're gonna go with a 7850, get the MSI Radeon HD 7850 Power Edition, and overclock the balls out of it. If you overclock a 7850 enough, you can get the performance  of a 7870, which, yes Spenlard, can max out pretty much any game. The 7870s performance is better than a GTX 570 and beats the 580 in most games.


I think this is better for the money

here you go best build you will ever get for the money http://pcpartpicker.com/ca/p/zpNx


NZXT Source 220 is only 40$ right now, so switch to that! Also seagate barracuda 500Gb is 50$.

Then try to squeeze better psu and this would be sick hahahah.


The 220 is good, but I think the space is limited. Says on their site that it's maximum card clearance is only 230mm with the hard drive cage installed. 330mm without. Unless you can live without the cage, you're not gonna be able to fit anything above a 7850 in there. The difference is only $4 more to get more space anyway. Then for the hard drive, it's only $10 more to get twice the space. But I'd leave that decision to the OP.

If you want a bigger PSU, this doesn't add much to the cost.

A 7970 is nice, but to me not worth the money. I would go with a 7870 or a 660. I've had both a 7870 and my current 7970 Ghz oc'ed to hell and back. A new builder wont be able to know the difference ( well maybe). You need to work your way up. lol my 2 cents