$800(Canadian) PC Build! Is this any good? (Gaming PC)

sorry i  dont get the whole topic anymore...?

topic starter asks for advice on a gaming rig/ you people arguing about renderin and cad?

i lose complet focus here o_0


Well now! You better set everyone straight who DARES to use their AMD system for rendering! LOLZ

Ditto... :-|


the original title was [CAD] instead of [Canadian]

So is it a good gaming build or not? Lol

I don't know if I can swear on this fourm, so I'm going to say this nicely. I NEVER ONCE SAID THAT THE i7 was worse at rendering then the 8350. It is a lot more, so it should be better. Doesn't that make sense?

What I have been trying to say is that in his price range, he will get more out of the computer (THAT INCUDES RENDERING, I DO IT ALL THE TIME AND IT IS FAST). So therefore, YOUR arugument does not make any sense.

Your orginal will be good for gaming, yes. But you can get more out of $800. So I would look around, and lower things that aren't overly important to you (not the psu, never cheapout) so that you can get a faster computer for the same amount.

What would you suggest I could lower?

So wait, this is for gaming right?



Lower the case, and a hard drive with less storage (although that depends on hoow mquch space you need). But you can always buy more hard drives later. Take a look around for a cheaper version of that RAM you want. You could save almost $20 without out losing any performance. Aim for the 8350 and a 7870 (or 660 Ti if you want to do editing, it really helps with CUDA). With those downgrades, and upgrades, you should be able to move around the numbers a bit, to fit you $800. 

If you can't fit the 8350 and 7870 (or 660 Ti) in your price, you need to think about what you are doing the most. If you are doing lots of rendering, go for the 8350 and 7850 (or 660). If you are mostly gaming, go for either the 8150, or 6300 (they are around the same price) and a 7870 (or 660 Ti).

Let me have a shot at it! :D


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