800$ Build for a friend, and possibly me



CPU: AMD A10 5800k.

CPU Cooler: Hyper 212 EVO.


RAM: G.Skill 2x4GB 2133.


CASE: Cooler Master HAF 922. 

Keyboard: Microsoft Sidewinder.

Mouse: Logitech G9x. 

Then added seperate a 180$ 24" Monitor.

I'd probably end up adding another GPU later on so I was wondering what the max crossfire was with it.

 I got the 2133 RAM because the IGPU runs on it I'm pretty sure so it runs alot smoother.


It'll be for these games.

Valve games, ARMA 2, Killing floor, Blacklight Retribution, and some other games, but the roughest games it's probably going to see is ARMA 2 and Blacklight, and probably ARMA 3 when it comes out. But I'd just like to know it'll be able to run whatever I feel like playing at decent settings. 

Hmm, its a mighty odd setup... Hmmmmmm...

Would you mind if I suggested alternatives? If you want em I'll post em in a lil while when I have a minute. 

I would wait for that...

Definitely a weird setup considering the budget. For that money you could buy an i5-3570k and a radeon 7870/7950/7970 depending on where you look around.


wait so is the prephials included in the $800

this will be under 800 if you include rebates in the price like PC part picker does

a 7870 will be better than any hybrid crossfire solution and you already have the card and don't have to buy it later like in your build, a 64GB smart response caching drive with 1TB drive is more reasonable than just 256GB of SSD period.  the 3570K stock is faster than the A10 OCed, if not its pretty close, that's nothing a $66 cooler master TPC 812 can't fix later on now isn't it, ram bandwidth is split between GPU and CPU with the A10 so the CPU's share is around 1600 or under so 1600 dedicated to CPU is just fine. Asus is top notch quality and Overclockability along with rich features such as USAP USB 3.0 which is REAL USB 3.0 not that fake crap.  you also have 2 full 3.0 PCI-E slots for crossfire SLI and a 2.0 slot for anything else

you can use a molex adaptor for each card if you choose to get another GPU to crossfire with but I would recommend PSU with more native connectors, that worked fine for my 2 5850s at 1Ghz each 24/7 bitcoin mining, but again if you get another GPU I would upgrade your PSU too but this is damn cheap right now and will work just fine for one GPU, if you got an extra 56 bucks you want to spend you can however get a better PSU now


There, I hit slightly above the price you did but I (think) everything in there is an improvement over your previous build (except the case, but its still a rock solid case with FP USB 3.0). System would be significantly faster than the one you listed, plus I bundled in a awesome mouse (high DPS, tons of features, and it comes with a macro scripting language), a compact mechanical keyboard that is of also awesome quality, similar quality screen, few more inputs, about an inch small but a chunk of change cheaper too. Also has a 120GB SSD for OS and common programs and a 500GB backing drive for media and w/e, to give you plenty of storage.



Haha would you please.


Well I already have 2 4GB sticks of G.skill 1600 Memory so I guess that cuts out the RAM as far as building mine would go. I love that keyboard and had it on mine, only reason I switched out is because it has no extra numpad for looking back in like, ARMA 2. I guess it'd be fine though.

What about Windows 7.

I dunno how to get it free. I haven't really paid much attention to it. 

I still would need a keyboard and mouse though.

on your PC part picker your total was over $900 that means the mouse, keyboard and OS were excluded in the $800 budger, you can get 7 for 90 bucks on amazon and you can pick what ever keyboard mouse you had

you just asked for the tower to be under $800

Okay, my bad. How about just everything, monitor included for under 1000$.

Without RAM and an optical drive, because I have both.

That's what I'm looking for to make it easier.


Okay, my bad. How about just everything, monitor included for under 1000$.

Without RAM and an optical drive, because I have both.

That's what I'm looking for to make it easier.


CPU: AMD FX6300.

CPU Cooler: Hyper 212 EVO.

GPU: XFX 7850 2GB. 

Case: Fractal Arc MIDI

PSU: Corsair 650W 80 Plus Bronze

Monitor: ASUS 24"

Keyboard: AZIO Levetron Wired keyboard.

Mouse: Cooler Master SGM 2001. 

HDD: Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB.

MOBO: ASROCK Extreme4 

 And windows 7, all adds up to 1,004$.


Not bad right? You probably have a better idea though.  

got it remaking

Key a keyboard and mouse from craigs list or Goodwill.

yes the older the better because those are mechanical

Just to note, its a new week thus the sales have shifted around, this build is gonna be a bit off now.

So old keyboard are mechanical?...Why the fuck do new ones cost so much then!?

Anywho,  how would you set up an SSD for caching? I'd just put my OS and cache on the SSD right?

This is pretty sweet though haha. 

Idk, why is gas so expensive, its either because they can or rubber dome is a lot cheaper idk

for SSD caching install the OS on the 1TB drive and install smart response driver