$800 budget gaming/video recording and editing pc


This is my first build and I would like some input on the parts that I have chosen. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/xzje

 I choose the AMD 8350 because I will be gaming but I will be recording at the same time and sometimes streaming.

I have a monitor, keyboard and a mouse already. Are there any suggestions that anyone could make to either save me some money or is this build going to be the best for me under or around $800?

Also I have a CPU cooler from my moms old computer, I plan on using it but it has the thermal paste still on the bottom, what would be the best way to remove it? Any help is appreciated. 

Maybe you shouldn't get the 8350 because you pay a lot for the cpu and then you're cheaping out on other essential parts like the graphics card for example.

The power supply make sure it's 80 plus if you don't want your pc to catch on fire and blow up or something and if you'll be gaming look at benchmarks online and get something better than a gtx 650.

For the heatsync what you want to do is get a microfiber cloth and put some isopropyl acohol on it and rub the thermal paste off. Then go and buy a tube of thermal paste if you don't already have one (its like 4$) and watch the video Logan did on how to apply it. Basically put the size of a grain of rice on the middle of the cpu and put the heatsync on