8 core Zen to be released in October?

Not everything is about being the fastest or the newest. The reason ARM is a bigger compeditior is that they are able to control market segiments that x86 isnt able to get into, for example low power embedded and mobile. AMD is fighting for share of a already saturated market where ARM has taken hold of something that no one else can push into.

I didn't know AMD cared about mobile, although they should, ARM has gotten pretty big.

mobile is a massive market. If you can take control of it from someone like intel who owns most of the computer processing market, and make them leave that segment, you must be doing something right.


Yeah. makes me more compelled to get an Android tablet and root it and run a better Linux Distro.

I would invest in a dual boot windows andriod tablet, with a little work im told you can get another linux distro on it as well but you need to get one with a large enough storage devise.

If only I hadn't still have a Surface Pro 2, I would probably consider. Might just go back to laptops one of these days.

would be cool if zen was 4 dual cores on an interposer

Like Q6600 was 2xCore2Duos? No, thanks...

bro, that's a 9 year old processor built on 65nm process...

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Are ya talking smack about the good ol' Q6600?

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are you talking like the opterons that were double wide?

My point was, we have 5 years old 8 cores (8150 for example) so we don't need multiple chips on interposer... We can have 8 cores in one chip...

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but bigger chips means smaller yields = higher cost

esp at smaller processes, look at the latest intel chip

So let's have communication slowdowns and what not issues, because of yields?
I would be more interested in 6 core APU with faster graphics than my 270X...
No... 8 core chip - if there are faulty cores - 6 core or quad core CPUs... Like they did back with Phenom... Cache problems - Athlons with no cache... Quad core with 1 faulty core - tripple core 720/740... Quad core with 2 faulty cores - 555...

what are the 'what not' issues tho?

You seriously want to go into that topic?

yeah why not im interested

you mean this?

knights landing aka xeon phi
it's a co processor

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that chip would be massive. like does anyone remember socket 370?

That is what i had in mind.