8 core Zen to be released in October?

Article from Kitguru: http://www.kitguru.net/components/cpu/matthew-wilson/amd-rumored-to-launch-8-core-zen-cpu-in-october/

I would like to think there's some substance to what kitguru writes, unlike wccftech which just seems like a propaganda machine for AMD.

According to a source supposedly close with AMD, (via wccftech)

Look, Lisa Su said so on Computex - Wide availability in Q3, so October is even late.

poor intel if zen has IPC similar to skylake

I'm trying not to get too excited for zen. 8 cores with 16 threads but only a 95w tdp? How will that compete against something liek a 5820k - 6 core 12 thread 140w tdp - I'm expecting much lower clocks than Intels 2011-3 cpu's and very VERY low overclockability

Nobody knows.

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depends if its prices are appealing too.

for example if you can build a Zen 8 core with an RX480 and 16GB of DDR4 and all the other bits for around $1200 bucks then it will be very sexy.

Well if a zen cpu can compete with the performance of Broadwell or skylake, then it will also gonne cost arround similar probably.

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I believe this is what one would call an "Unrealistic Expectation"


Has fear.. already hearing of flaws, vis rumar, that they has a problen with usb 3.1 that may require (as they are playing it down) a bridge chip. Wait, what? dosen't all th mobo freaks already require Alpine Ridge chips to be there for TB3? This is a CLUSTER FUCK PERIOD!. Between Skylake being a douche and now this, if the rumors are true.Call me mr happy to kill your dreams, but w/AMD. I believe it. Oh, I has no happy happy Joy Joy feelings about intel either, Kabe is going to be a cluster fuck of let down. why.. ummm lets see.. no display port 1.3. no HVEC 265.. no this and no that. Which doesn't make me feel cuddley with AMD. If they bite on this shit they'll scale down, because of rumors, lowered expectation.. or as I've watched in the last four years.. JUST STUPIDS inCHARGE of more STUPIDS. so yeah.. I need to catch my breath.. calm down.. and lower all of my expectations from any of these asswipe companies.


If its close to skylake I would see it running 300ish to 400ish maybe a little less but we are talking about AMD here. it will most likely be 8 cores at around 3.5ish Ghz with a IPC of 2500k or maybe just maybe a 4770k

I just don't see the love love joy joy we had about Sandbridgetime happening. At best I see motherboard mfgrs tring to hang on. Making up for the lack of intel and amd. Frankly I believe it's up to devs here on out for a while. ANd.. I see them all as the lazy fucks they've always been for two decades. Hoping a new generation of devs.. kicks them old fucks all to the curb.

if zen is even little better than dual e5-2670's i'd take it, and replace that thing.

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Noob question: When playing a game that uses 8 threads, will the CPU only use 4 cores with 8 threads rather than the 8 physical cores at their full potential?

That's determined by the OS, not the processor. I'm not sure if there's any way you could force that, or if it would even make a difference.


As someone who knows some things I will say this:
When coding for multiple threads you have two choices: the easy one is to make a large pool of threads and let the OS and the hardware itself to handle things. The added benefit is, that this thing works with 2 and 20 cores... The other way is to hard code for certain amount of threads. This have the added benefit of better task management, since the OS is not particularly good with that. You can spread all 8 threads to the cores. The issue here is, that the quad cores will choke with this software. This is why we have games, that use 8 threads but run on dual cores as well, and we have games like FarCry 4 that require 4 threads in a cpu to run properly.


I'd trade my 5820k in for one :)

Can't wait

With intel controlling a much larger market share in all areas, even if AMD pushs ahead of consumer skylake, skylake-E will be able to cover any lost ground. Intel has nothing to worry about at this point from AMD, ARM is a bigger competitor at this point.

I think that while Intel has somewhat of an advantage being the top dog in the cpu market, I believe that if AMD holds true to their low cost to performance ratios then they will likely gain from this new line of processors. I could only imagine how the new graphics cards will pair up with this processor, looking at a new RX 480 or even with the announced 1060 that Nvidia is dropping this month.

But I guess this is only if AMD prices these cpus at a 150-250 mark. If anyone knows pricing please let me know.

If they price the 8-core part enough below the 6950X and if it's a true 8-core with SMT and IPC equal to or surpassing Ivy Bridge or Haswell, Intel will finally have a proper competitor on their hands.

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Name an ARM CPU that's even comes close to any FX CPU outside of IPC benefits, which I still don't see, I don't see any that comes close, hell, the 'top-tier' Intel Atoms gives most ARM CPUs a run for it's money. I think ARM is more competition because Intel's options are bad in that category, they use too much power generally, the Atoms are as close as it gets to lower power, and ARM still did it better. X86_64 is pretty much Intel's superpower and AMD's, which sadly, we know where AMD lies unfortunately compared to Intel..