8°c difference between 2 chassis

As i already said in the subject i want to know if 8°c difference is really a huge issue for a case.

Yes 8°C is a huge difference between two chassis but its not all that uncommon. The main reason why the chassis you are looking at have such a dramatic temperature difference is most likely due to their stock cooling configuration. The chassis with the higher temps might have a combination of inadequate intake and air movement (meaning that the case probably has stock fans placed in non optimal locations + the fans might only have a mid level CFM [60-75 CFM] and kinda low static pressure [<1.5mmH2O]) mixed with restrictions on the airflow(primarily on HDD cages). Even though the difference is it can easily be rectified by getting more fans and fans with better CFM and/or static pressure, so the difference will really only matter if you are planning to run the case only with stock fans and never intend on upgrading. 

Sorry for the long winded response, I just felt like explaining why these temperature differences occur. The more you know... :)

OK then i think that the cooler master cm storm enforcer will not be on my list enymore and thanks for your quik answer.