7x 2080Ti pass through to W10 VM

Hi guys, I cannot seem to find much info anywhere on passing through multiples of the same GPU to a VM (in this case Redshift and C4D on W10 Pro) Is this possible, the idea of running a W10 VM instead of on bare metal is looking more and more interesting.

The “newer” method of vfio passthrough handles multipe cards with the same pci IDs just fine. Check out the Arch vfio wiki, probably the best source.

The new method involves using actual pcie addresses and unbinding the cards from their drivers. Each card will have at least four bindings to undo (gpu, audio, i2c and usb)


Brilliant thank you I’ll jump on that!

What mobo do you have that can hold 7x 2080Ti though?

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and, more importantly? what chassis!?


Using a Rome EPYC and the Asrock Rack RomeD8-DT and my own designed chassis.


Beefy! Post some pics if you can of this beast, it sounds amazing.

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