7990 or gtx 770?

Hi guys,

I'm going to be building building a PC, and am deciding graphics cards. The 7990 listed here has recently had a large price drop, and i am deciding betweenn it and the new 770 here. Is it worth the extra money for the 7990? (for clarification, i will mostly be doing gaming with some audio production)

7990 would easily beat the crap out of a 770 but the power consumption is much greater. Whats your resolution?

2 1080p monitors, but usually i will only be running a game on one as i dislike the look of dual-monitor gaming. The real problem is the price; is it worth the 200$

I would say the 7990 is better than the 770 by overall gaming and render performance. It is two 7970 GPU's put into one compared to the single card 770. 

Aesthetically I like the reference design of the GTX 770 over the reference 7990, that's my opinion though.

I would go for a single 7970/770/7950. The 7990 is useless unless you are gaming at 3x1080p or even 3x1440p.

I would say go with the GTX 770. If you eventually feel like you need a bit more performance you can always grab another and go SLI. However, if you want to save a little more money but don't ever plan on adding another graphics card, you could look at the 7970.

Thanks guys, i think ill get the 770