7990 Low GPU Usage

Recently I bought a 7990 because of the amazing deal, and it's great, except in some games, one of those being BF3. I play BF3 a lot, so this is a problem for me. When playing BF3, both GPUs will be running at 50-60%, basically the equivalent of a single 7970. At Ultra settings, the game plays sluggish at times, which is unnacceptable for a 7990. The other thing is, if I turn down the settings to low, BF3 starts using an even lower percentage of the GPUs, pretty much throttling the GPUs depending on the graphics settings. I would think that this is a driver issue, but other people have reported full GPU usage in BF3 with a 7990, getting >100 FPS, while I only get 50 FPS average with the same drivers (13.8 beta).

I've tried a number of fixes, like making my own BF3 profile in CCC and tinkering with settings, setting ULPS to 0 in regedit, using different crossfire modes, and turning the power to +20 for both GPUs, all with no avail.

 On most other games, though, it's fine. Crysis 3, for example, uses both GPUs at >90% all the time. In Bioshock infinite the usage percentage jumps from 60% to 99% a lot, but the framerate is stable, always at >100 FPS. 

 Anyway, I was hoping someone on here might know the solution for my problem. Any and all help is appreciated!

Open sapphire trixx, or even AMD CCC, Go to where you can overclock your GPU, and set power usage to +20%. 

yes second to that, make sure you have installed the latest AMD Drivers.

I have already tried that, with no success. Do you think it may not have worked because of inadequate power? My PSU is 700w.

What CPU do you have? Also are you playing all the games you listed online or are you playing them offline.

My CPU is an i5-3550. The only game of those listed that I have played online is BF3.