7970 Vs. New 280x

Do you think that the new 280x R9 Series card will be that much better then a 7970 considering that it's pretty much a tuned up 7970?

I'd love to know your thoughts on this.

I was planning to buy a new 280x but if the prices on the 7970's come down a lot... Is it that big of a difference?

Thanks in advance! 

From the rumors I have read the 280x is pretty much a unchanged 7970ghz. No boost in the memory or core clocks or boost clock. Hopefully that isn't true though.

Yeah I've been hearing much of the same so if the 7970s drop I'll probably get one... or maybe 2 that way it'd kick the 280x's ass


probably best to wait and see how they actually perform.

Your right i'll make another post when we get the specs and benchmarks