7970 or 770, which should I get?

Hello everybody,

I recently decided to go with a 7970 for my build, however, a friend of mine told me to get a 770 with more features for the same price.

I'm looking at a Club3D 7970 RoyalQueen card and any 770 card really.

Can anyone recommend the 770? If so, why and from what manufacturer should I get it? If you recommend the 7970 please state why as well.

I've looked at the EVGA 770 but that's like 60-70 euros more than the 7970.


Thanks in advance and have a nice day,


If you have the money then go for the GTX 770 its a new card so yeah.If you dont, go for the 7970... actually there isnt some performance boost if you pick up the gtx 770 over 7970

Well, the GTX 770 is currently outperforming the old GTX 680, but then again, so was the Radeon HD 7970. So it really depends on what you can afford, and what you want. If you want PhysX and CUDA, get the GTX 770, otherwise, the Radeon HD 7970 may be a good "budget" choice for you.

I also heard about this GPU boost 2.0 thingy, what's that about? I have no idea what it actually does, but people told me it's really awesome and worth it.

I can live without PhysX and CUDA doesn't really do anything for me the AMD GPUs can't do.

Is the performance difference really worth the extra cost?

The ACX 770 is only $419, which is less than the Asus DC2 7970 (the only 7970 I like). So it's really a toss up. Make sure your PSU's 12v rail has enough amperage to power a 770 though. Personally I would take the 770 because of it's 7GHz memory speed out of the box, but then again the 7970 has 384-bit memory bandwidth...

you could spend hours figuring how the cards trade blows, but in the end they come out almost equivalent. But then you realize that it is the GTX 770, not the 780. Mind = blown.

It can depend on your display/monitor setup. The 770 is better for larger resolutions, above 1080p. That's why I would consider it a better investment. There isn't a lot of difference in price.

However, I would recommend the 7950, as an alternative. It is only a little slower (2-4%) than the 7970, and costs $100 less. Comes with a fantastic games bundle. At 1080p 60hz, you probably wouldn't see the difference. Furthermore, I've seen the 7950 beat the 680 in some benchmarks (LinusTechTips).


I'm going to be playing on 1080p resolution with a 60hz refreshrate monitor. I'll use some software to keep my FPS at a stable 60.

But say, I get the Sapphire 7950 Vapor-X OC for about 70 euros less, it's going to work just fine on games like Battlefield 3 right? And it'll work with the 1080 resolution and the 60 fps?

Also, it's got the Vapor-X cooler, instead of the Dual-X on the 7970. And it's OC'ed, so that's always nice.

I would go for the 7970 unless you're getting the 4GB version of the GTX 770. The 7970 Ghz Edition and GTX 770 perform about the same, so you should be able to get the same performance out of the 7970 as long as you overclock, and it has more VRAM. The 4GB version of the 770 does have more VRAM obviously, so in that case I would go for the 770.

Everything laid out, the gtx 770 is better. There are 4gb versions for $450 floating around. If you can afford it, then go for it. It's also quieter and cooler. The 7970 is a good powerful card and cheaper, but less performance, louder, and hotter.


Does anybody know what kind of overclocks people are getting with the 770?

will you do any cuda related work like adobe rendering?

Maybe even BTC mining?

I'll be using it primarily for gaming, and I will be using only 1 monitor for now. I might go 3-way eyefinity if I feel like it, but that might be a couple of years from now. I won't be needing the 4GB of VRAM so I don't really care about that.

Also, I can live without PhysX.

in that case, simply gaming- I'd have to recomend the new card. The GTX770

by the time you want to add more monitors it'll be time to possibly upgrade the 770 to something with more Vram

Just as a side note, more and more games are approaching the 2GB vram level. In a year to 2 years I think we will see major release games using more than 2gb of ram. More games are using HD textures and more polygons. I use 1.4-1.6gb of vram on my gtx 680 4gb for blackops 2. Modded skyrim uses 2.4-2.7gb. 50 bucks now might seem like a lot, but I think its a good investment if you want to keep your card for more than 2 years.

Edit: I am on a 24" 1920x1200 monitor for pixel-vram comparison.

The 7970 is at the same level as the 770. I would reccomend the 7970 it does not run hotter or slower its about the same speed. Also the heat matters on who made the cooler if you go with something like a MSI twin frozr then it will be COOL. I personally think the 7970 is better.

Only the 7970 GH edition beats the stock gtx 770 in some benchmarks. If you look at overclocked gtx 770, then the OC 770 wins hands down. As far as the noise. it is true that it depends on the cooler but on the whole, the 7970 uses more power and generates more heat on load. But word to the wise... DON'T get a 7970 with stock cooler. Really bad noise and heat.

End of the day, the 7970 is a good card, but its not better than a gtx 770 on any basis. The standard 7970 doesnt compete with a gtx 770, and the GH edition doesnt compete with the high overclock versions of the 770.

The standard 7970 is cheaper though, so thats good.

Well, I don't really care about temperatures, I'll be getting a case with plenty of fans and a good airflow, so that shouldn't be that big of a deal. But the 3GB 7970 is going to run most games just fine on a single monitor. It should be fine at least, and I think it'll take a couple of years before games start taking up more than 3GBs of VRAM. I'm counting on the 7970 to last me at least 2-3 years.

Besides, I'm perfectly fine with tuning down the graphics from Ultra to High.