7970 non Ghz vs 7970 Ghz

Need a bit of help choosing between getting a non Ghz or a Ghz edition 7970, is the Ghz worth the extra ££ ? I will not be overclocking either cards, and ill be buying from Overclockers.co.uk or Scan.co.uk thanks guys :)

If you're not gonna manually overclock you'll benefit more from the Ghz edition since it comes with a slight overclock. Putting into perspective how much the price difference is tho. 

The only difference is the BIOS; the card is EXACTLY the same otherwise. You could even install a gHz BIOS on a "non-gHz" 7970, if you wanted. I would just get a standard 7970 and OC it yourself.

Only problem is that i dont ever OC my cards

How is that a problem? Install MSI Afterburner and do it all GUI-based, within Windows.

I have the Sapphire 3Gb 7970 Ghz editionand am really pleased with it. 1 push of a button and you get 1100Mhz.

If you can overclock the card yourself( which is fairly easy nowadays), get the non-Ghz ed. If you don't/want to OC, and you want every last drop of power, get the Ghz ed. Otherwise, even if you don't OC the non-Ghz ed card, the difference is fairly unnoticable. BTW, if you do plan to OC, get a non-reference card.