7970 Dual crossfire v.s GTX680 dual SLI

AS it stands right now, im looking two 7970's for dual crossfire config.

but seeing how ill be playing BF3 and of course BF4 and other gaphical intensive games such as Watching dogs, i wanted to get peoples thoughts and opinions on what two cards i should get.

Now im not a fan boy of either AMD or Nvidia. but i do see the bench marks and wanted to know if it is really all worth spending the extra money on the two GTX680 cards or should i just get the two 7970's?

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i will not be doing any editing or anything like that.


Double 7970s or triple 7950s. Nvidia isn't worth it this generation, unless you're getting a half-price Titan. Triple 7950s will destroy double 680s, and be about the equivalent of 2.4 7970s.

Also, at that price limit, you're much better off with an X79 setup, especially for multi-card systems.

Personally, I would go with this:


It is far superior to your listed system.