7970 cf vs 7950 cf


For games like crysis, battlefield, and cod what will give the best performance. I've tried using google but i cant find a straight answer. A few fps, such as 5-10, will not make a big deal to me. I'm looking for at least 20 fps difference. What will give the best performance.

Thanks in Advance :D

Grab the 7950. Performs great, and is about 100 USD cheaper for only one step down. 

Cool, will i be able to do eyefinity with good fps. Also, when bf4 comes out can i play it at ultra at 1080p. I want to make sure its possibly because i heard a 7990 was running @60fp 3k res bf4.

If you are going to use crossfire, yeah. It will be great to game on. BF3 scales awesomely, and mostly 4 will too

Cool Sounds Awesome

Did you end up getting a 7950 cf setup?