7970 Bottlenecked by 1090t?

I have a 1090t and I am looking to upgrade. I have enough money readily available for any 7970/7970Ghz.

If it will bottleneck it too much can anyone recomend a card that won't be bottlenecked? 

It won't. 1090t's are still decent anyway, you could wait to upgrade for a bit.

Thank you. I meant I am upgrading my card. I had 2 HIS IceQx Turbo x 6870 and I sold them for $350 a while back and was saving it. 

CaptinPip are you sure it won't bottleneck? I use to have a 1090t myself and it was bottlenecking my GTX 470 sli that I had at the time, I switched from the 1090t to a 3770K and got about an extra 20FPS in most of my games.