7970 Bios Flash Unlock?

Hai there, have a question regarding unlocking the voltages/clock on my Saphire Dual X 7970. Currently I am locked at 1000mghz gpu clock and a 6000 memory clock, because it isn't an unlocked card. I was considering getting something like a kraken g10 and an h60 or something to cool it.

I don't know much about this so some help would be appreciated, could I flash my video card bios to unlock this card, or some other way I could possibly unlock the card? Thanks for the halp in advance :3


If you go into msi afterburner's config you can unlock voltage from there if its applicable to the card. Remember to go up in small increments - sliding all the way to the right will kill the card.

Here are some sapphire 7970 bios's http://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/index.php?architecture=&manufacturer=Sapphire&model=HD+7970&interface=&memType=&memSize=

(read up on how to flash your card correctly, I take no responsibility if you brick it.)

Wouldnt worry too much about extra cooling unless you wanna go into the deep 1200ish mark.