7970 ArmA 3

Hello, I am not sure if this is a problem with my card, or if the game is just like this, but


Often in ArmA 3 I will get anywhere from 20-40 FPS on low-high, with a few less FPS on max.  But, other times, usually just standing in a deserted desert, ill get over 100 sometimes.  Is this normal?  Getting the same FPS on low-high at certain places, albeit low, whilst getting very nice FPS at other places?


If this is of any help:

i7 [email protected]


16GB RAM @ 1600mhz

Normal GPU temps in ArmA: 50-60

Here's a benchmark for Arma 3, can be handy for getting a standardised look at things:



This is a tweak guide that has some useful bits in it (might help you) :



When like vehicles are blowing up, smoke grenades are 'particle effect-ing' away and you have all the enemies in the area things can get tough on a machine in Arma. Out in the desert there is little work to do so it makes sense to me.

However it does seem you're a bit below where you could be judging from benchmarks. I mean I get similar or better (better in that I would rarely be at 20FPS) results with a 7870 though I don't have any hard numbers


The above is taken from this article: http://www.hardocp.com/article/2013/10/02/arma_iii_video_card_performance_iq_review/3#.UnKe2OK3DMg

These settings should be achievable.


I'm not much help to you really but if you play around with it tweaking things and setting the start up conditions you may get somewhere.

yes that is normal because arma does not know how to take advantage of your computer because its dumb.  Anything over 30 fps is good lol.  Try playing on all high/ standard setting and turn off all AA and Post process effects.  Turn up your settings a little can actually improve fps dumb as it is it does work in arma.  You have the best cpu and ram setup for the game and the 7970 is more power then the arma engine can use so try finding the perfect settings for you.