7970 100% Load on idle?

Hey guys I'm having an issue with my 7970 and hoping you can help.

When I boot up my system my gpu was at 80c so I checked the load and it was at 100%, I checked my processes in task manager and there was nothing that isnt usually there, I did a scan for viruses and nothing, I tried a reboot many times, reinstalling drivers, using new drivers and old drivers, going back to an old windows backup. The card isn't overclocked and I haven't done anything unsual to my system it just started today. Any reccomendations?

to me this sounds like one of two things

1. Some virus that's obviously "under the radar" of you anti-virus software.


2. Bad card and something on the card itself is causing this to occur. you may of lost the silicon lottery (it's a low chance, but still a chance)

Since you havn't done any overclocking, I think the manufacturer will replace it (if it's in warranty).

Did you go to an old back-up yet? -and is it still doing it if you have?

OR update to the latest drivers 13.2 beta :)

Yeah I went to an old backup and its still doing it, but in safe mode its fine, which is what made me think it was a virus but I havent done any downloading for a few days and its only come up today.

Thats what I'm running :)

I'd contact XFX about it and hopefully they'll replace it :)


Okay thanks :)

did you try to remove the drivers and reinstall the older ones ?

your not running boinc or something similar are you?

I stupidly left my crossfire system on all night downloading something not realising I had left boinc running (100% cpu and gpu utilization) and woke up to a machine that was dying from the massive burn test I just put it through.

It could be something like this



thread necromancy?

sorry didnt catch the date

was idling the time on a crap train ride home (5 hour journey, somebody jumped in front of a train) and going through posts... i swear i was in the active posts thread... honest!

stupid mistake

Its okay I got it fixed now I think it was a virus hiding in a program and when i uninstalled it it was fine again.

what about the trojan that makes your pc into a bitcoin mining slave...

haha i heard about that, apparently that was a skype trogan though