7950 vs 7970 (gaming)

Ok guys I'm planning to build my first gaming rig within the next month and I currently have my mind set on the msi twin frozr 3 7950. From what I have read online the card can handle most modern games fully maxed out at around 60 fps. Is the 7970 worth the extra $100? I will be playing WoW, AC3, hitman, FC3, Max Payne 3, BF3, and tomb raider once it comes out. Will the 7950 be enough power to maintain 60 fps at max presets for these types of games?

Depends on your res. I want to say if you get the GHz edtion of the 7950 you should be just fine. I have a GTX 670, and it has issues running FC3 maxed, because of AA. I usually turn off AA, because I don't care about it, but if you do the 7970 GHz should do the trick


Is there a noticable difference with AA turned off? Also I don't think there is a ghz version of the 7950

Mine handles all those games at around 60Fps, Oc it and youll be even better off, alot of what card to get depends on budget, how long youll have it, resolution youll run it at ect...

It smooths the picture, getting ride of jagged lines on the image. To some it's very noticable, to others it's not.

Huh, that is no Ghz of the 7950, odd.

It depends on the graphic settings you will be playing at, if you are playing at 1080p you will be fine with 7950, but if you are playing at an extremely high resolution or with several monitors, you should get the 7970 for the extra power.

I'd say the 7970. It's much better at handling multi-monitor gaming.

But then again, the 7950 is better for the money.