7950 or 670

Helping a friend decide on a card so the choices are between the 7950 or 670,

since they are both similarly priced which of these are the better card for gaming purposes and video editing?

670. if the video editing software can use CUDA, then the 670 is the best.i would say that the 670 is also better than a 7950 for gaming aswell. have you considered a 7970? its similarly priced to the 670 over here in the uk, but i dont know about wherever you are.

anyway, hope this helps,


It depends on what kind of editing your friend does. If he uses software that can use OpenCL, then a 7970 would be a better option, but if he were using a CUDA based app, then a 670 is a better option. 7950s are great for gaming, and so are the 670s. It depends on the price, really.

Thanks for the response guys,

So the 670 it is I have no clue what type of editing he does but after looking around abit  the performance in gaming and for editing seems like a perfect fit.

The 7950 should be lower in cost, but the 670 will be faster in most games with PhysX and CUDA abilities.

I am in the US the 670 is priced a little more higher or if not equally.