7950 Crossfire? Worth it for me?

How's it going?

So, I already have 1x 7950, that is OC to 1125/1425 and I'm strongly considering picking up another one for 2x Crossfire during those crazy holiday sales that are coming soon. But I'm unsure of if it is really worth it?

If I do get another 7950, I'm pretty sure I'll need a new PSU to run Crossfire, right now I have a Corsair HX750Watt with a FX-8350 OC to 4.6GHz I'm using a water cooler (XSPC EX240 Kit D5 pump) as well. Is a 750Watt enough for this?

Games I will be playing? I play a lot of games, BF3-4, Far Cry 3, ArmA 2-3, I still need to get Skyrim(DAMMIT!) but I think you get the idea, I'm very open with games and enjoy them all.

I know some games don't get great performance boost from Crossfire but I figure I'd take the two cards and OC both, which ever one can go the farthest I'll use when I need to disable Crossfire. I play at 1080p, but getting a better monitor in the future is not out of the question, the main thing I'm think Crossfire for is BF4, I would love to have a steady 60FPS in that game without lowering the quality and I'll probably be playing the hell outta that game, some friends are actually pushing me to join them for competitions.

Any opinions are welcomed, thank you. :)

Full Specs:

  1. CPU: AMD FX-8350 @4.6
  2. MOBO: Gigabyte GA-990FX-UD3
  3. GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7950 @1125/1425 
  4. RAM: G.SKILL Aries 16GB @1600 
  5. SSD: ADATA XPG SX900 128GB SSD(OS) 
  6. HDD: WD Caviar Black 2TB HDD 
  7. Sound Card: ASUS XONAR_DG 5.1 Sound Card 
  8. Cooler: XSPC Raystorm EX240 D5 WC Kit 
  9. PSU: CORSAIR HX750 750W


750w is enuff power for 2 7950's (i am running one 7950 with a 500w psu as well as a H80I and a FX8320)

It just comes down to if you what to deal with all the crossfire problems there are at the momnent and not all games support crossfire.

750w should be plenty for crossfire 7950's and a 8350. But with both cards being heavily overclocked at the same time i'm not sure about it. 

I don't think I would OC them, if I do just minimal boost. Only way either would be OC is if I'm just running one, then I'd throw that baby to either my current OC of better depending on how the two perform.

I'm use to having problems and I'm willing to wait on AMD to fix stuff, like I said if a game has no boost a single 7950 OC'ed will suffice.

HX750 could probably run three 7950s

are you playing above 1080p, no? then no

Right now my main monitor is 1080p but a higher resolution is not out of the question if a nice 1440p monitor goes on sale I would buy it. The main thing I want is a steady 60+FPS on BF4(Max/near max settings)and games like that. 


Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't the 7950 crossfire with the 7970/r9 280x?? With the prices I've seen I think you might be better off to get either s 7970 or even 280x? Especially the 280x would be more of an investment for the future (could always sell off the 7950 later and crossfire the 280x eh??

It would scale down to 7950 speeds when crossfired. It would be a waste.

I see your point, but that depends on if I can afford the $300 for a 280x, the main reason I'm even considering Crossfire is next month 7950 prices will most likely be around $150.

Well, the thing I think he is getting at is single card performance, if a game doesn't run well with Crossfire a single 280x would be a nice second choice.