7950 Crossfire Question


       I was just wondering if it's possible to pair up a ASUS HD 7950, with my XFX 7950 in crossfire? Or do they have to be exactly the same model, from exactly the same company? Also, if i did pair up an ASUS 7950 with an XFX 7950 would I run into any problems? For example stability issues. 

Thanks in advance

Big Big Ron

as long as it is the same model gpu, it will work (and no worries about the brand).

Ok cheers man

There shouldn't be any problems with that as long as they are both 7950s

Yeah, this is maybe something that speaks for itself, but do allign the clocks if they are diffrent, or you're wasting power :) (they will allign to the slowest speed.)

Technically, you can crossfire ANY two cards in the same sub series.




But NOT a 7950 + 7850, or even more drastically different, a 7950+6950.

Any two 79xx cards will work together, but the higher end card WILL downclock to match the lower end card.

This is only helpful if say, you had a 7970, and wanted more performance, you could buy a 7950 and crossfire them. Because 2 7950s will beat a 7970.

It also does NOT matter how much ram they have. (say a 2gb 7950 + 3gb 7950) will still work together.

oh the downclock is automatic? aaight didnt know that. :)

Yeah, you only have to really worry about it when overclocking your gpus. you must make sure they stay the same, or things can glitch up.

Most 7950's can be overclocked to 7970 levels, so it's not too bad, especially with auto overclocking built in with 7 series.

Yeah, but if you pair a 7950 with a 7970, the extra shaders that are on the 7970 are turned off. Effetively turning it into a 7950.

I don't know if you would run into any glitches because of different clock speeds, but the faster card would downclock itself to match the performance of the weaker one.

true, but some 7950 can be unlocked, always been a thing with the x9xx.  I know the Sapphire and HIS with the 7950, don't know if it's the reference model or the non-reference though.

Actually, we got screwed with the 79xx series. All of the extra shaders were lasered off, and they cant be unlocked. You could with the 6 series, but not the 7 :(

DAMN! good thing i didn't pick one up, i've been contemplating to get the 2 x 7950 when 9-series gets launched because of the price drop.  guess i'll wait to see if 9 series will be a good enough.  6950 to 7950 wasn't that great of an improvement, especailly after the 6950 got the bios flash. Have MSI 6950 TFIII flashed to the Lightning spec.  wasn't worth upgrading, but if that's the case, i won't upgrade till 9-series or maybe GTX 760ti.