7950 CFX vs GTX 780

The title sais it all.

So which is better? This is for a gaming rig by the way and i'd like to play the next gen games in 1080p on ultra

Thanks you guys are EPIC

In all honesty, a single overclocked 7950 could manage most next-gen titles on ultra 1080p. Not all next-gen games, but a great deal of them, I predict.

The card configurations that you're considering would be very appropriate for 1440p.

I think the 7950 is best bang for buck. I personally went with the 780 for my own system, because the games I like to play run best on Nvidia.

So then how good is this card http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150671


This would be a better option. And it is strange that the 7950 has gone up in price, seems quite a large increase. Last time I checked, there were a few selling for $200.

This powercolor 7950 is $200 after rebates:


For the prices on those 7950s might as well go with one of these http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814125413

Better yet:


Yes and no. Once overclocked, there's little performance difference between the '50 and '70. Depends if this is in the interest of saving money, which would be appropriate for a crossfire configuration.

Edit: I just saw the MIR on the 7970. Near enough the same price.

Do all 7950 cards come with the same options in free games?

Msi 7950 twinfrozer or the HiS iceQ X2 is one of the best choices to go with, if you are interested in overclocking the card, because thease 2 are not voltage locked.  gigabyte XFX and also probably sapphire are all voltage locked.

p.s a 7950 CF will beat a single GTX780.

The 780 is obviously going to perform better than the 7950, but it is quite expensive. I see the 780 as a Titan without the heavy 6GB VRAM. 

However, the 7950 price has dropped because of the 9000 series. So getting one of those is fine as it will still future proof most games. If it doesn't future proof, all you do is turn down the settings and it's playable again!