7950 broken but not?!


I got a problem with my 7950 from Sapphire.

I bought it, put it in my computer, installed the driver and it worked superb.

I played about 2 hours before my computer just switched off (temperature was about 70°C in GPU-Z)

But when I restarted my PC it says "start Windows" and the monitor went black.


When I start Linux everything is ok. Maybe a faulty driver. Reinstalled Windows tried the Beta Driver and again blackscreen.

Tried a older Driver (12.10) - the same. Tried the DriverCD - the same.



Someone any idea what I can do or what I do wrong?

Try onboard graphics on your mobo when booting Windows. If it works then we can only assume it's a hardware problem.


I have no onboard graphics.

But hardware problem when it works on Linux and the Windows installer? But when I install the AMD Drivers there is a problem?

To make sure it is definitely a driver problem, try the drivers that came on the disk with it, or just any previous drivers on AMD's website.


Tried a older Driver (12.10) - the same. Tried the DriverCD - the same.

One question, where did you get this GPU

If it is used, what was it used for if you know

it was new from a reliable shop (alternate.de)

can you try another pcie slot? Check if your motherboard hasn't got a broken pcie slot, else you may need to RMA it

ok, I think I got now every combination.

The only time it works was with a fresh windows installation and no drivers installed. But as sone as I install the driver and reboot I can't get into windows.

It can't be the motherboard because I tested it with my old HD4890 and my GTX660Ti on both PCIe slots.


I think I gonna RMA it now.


Thanks for the help!

Can't you just return it to the shop instead of RMA since you just bought it recently?