7870XT Joker!

hey, i am planning on buying a club 3d 7870XT joker card but i dont know if it will work in my system because i only have a 430 watt psu: its a sweex 430 watt 80+ bronze power supply. my system specs are on my profile if you want to know its not much basicly just an apu little ram and a hdd


so please if somebody knows if this card willhave anough power in my system

I am using the calculator on Newegg, It says 427W should be good, but then again that pushing it to the brink also check your Amps on the PSU and make sure that its higher than the 7870 because that can be the cause of it not working. Also there maybe some bottlenecking between you GPU and APU. Personally I would get a better PSU. It's my opinion though I have heard stories of people running more on less, but I wouldn't recommend it.

well i also thought that it would be possible but not for long, also i was think about a normal 7870 because the XT is basicly a 7950, so would i be able to run a normal 7870 maybe

Well I checked it with the normal 7870 and thoughs were my results......

Either way I'd grab the XT and just grab a new power supply. You can get a decent PSU that will meet your needs for just 50 bucks extra.