7870, Whats the difference?

Someone please explain the difference between the standard MSI 7870 "http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dcomputers&field-keywords=MSI%207870%20HD

and the MSI 7870 twin frozr "http://www.amazon.co.uk/MSI-7870-Frozr-Graphics-PCI-E/dp/B007IG2SFO/ref=sr_1_2?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1379550399&sr=1-2&keywords=MSI+7870+HD"

I imagine for the extra price it's really not worth it


The Twin frozr has a better cooler, for overclocking.

is it really worth the extra £100 though? or would it be better to just have better cooling in general


It isn't really worth it. Regardless, you can get a 7950 for about £30 more than the msi 7870, I'd strongly advise you to go with that.


for some reason I thought the 7950 would have been a step down from the 7870 although its a new generation. 

would you be able to help me more with the parts I already have? (I started my build but lost my job:/)

will the 7950 still perform to its fullest with these components?

Case- Zalman z11
MB- MSi 970A-G46 (I don't think this allows me to utilize my USB ports on my Case)
RAM- 16gb corsair vengence ( 1866mhz, Got it half price so)
CPU Heatsink - Hyper 212 evo
PSU- Corsair CX600
SDD- HyperX 3k 120g
Still need a HDD and GPU also probably some extra cables as such as well as some extra fans


Yeah, a 7950 would work great with that build.

same generation, better card...

MSI HD7950 TwinFrozr OC Boost Edition (£190) 


A hd7870 just isent worth it at the moment with the 7950 being so cheap 

hmmm, the twin frozr i found of the 7950 was like £250 :/

Also is there anything you could recommend other than GPU? I think I want to change my motherboard purely so I can actually use the usb headers on my case. any ideas which would fit in well with this build?


How much do you whant to spend?

Asus M5A97 R2.0 ATX AM3+ Motherboard  (£60)

My current MB actually costs more So I need to either sell it or keep it as a spare. not 100% sure what to do


From what I can tell you prefer AMD, and favorite MSI. I'd like to you consider the following items I threw together for you:
(Everything below is compatible)

Case: Zalman z11
Motherboard: MSI 970A-G46
CPU: AMD FX-8320
CPU Cooler: Cooler master hyper 212 evo
RAM:Corsair Vengeance
SSD: SanDisk 64GB (for windows and boot apps)
HDD: Western Digital Blue 1TB
Graphics card: MSI 7950 BE
Power Supply: CX 750

The CPU gives you a bigger bang for the buck, anyone will contest AMD CPU's but the fact is you need one under the criteria of 1.) it's fast and 2.) it works.

A 600W power supply will work but a 750 will allow you to crossfire or upgrade that graphics card a year down the line.

When it comes to SSDs the bigger the faster, so going for a 120 isn't worth it, windows 7 alone only takes about 30gb IF that, after updates. So 64gb saves you some cash. Go for the 120 if you play games with a lot of loading screens, going from place to place like Skryim, or borderlands 2.

You'll see there's the Western Digital Blue, and Black. There is no difference to the casual user. Save some money.


Dude, check this out.


Also what anarmypig suggested is a good deal too.

Why not get a 7930?

the vapox is voltage locked. (the dual x is not locked down)

7870xt* please stop calling it a 7930, it just isn't a 7930.

the thing is everything I've already mentioned I've bought. I was mid build when i lost my job. the reason for the 120 is yes, I play Alot of games like skyrim and borderlands and what not.  also I'l probably need a larger hdd as theres going to be ALOT things going onto it. about 20k songs about 300 movies and alot of large games


Also I don't necessarily prefer MSi It's just what I got reccomended 

so you definitely recommend the 7950? the reason I ask is logan said in one of his vids that he took out a 7970(which I imagine is better than the 7970) and put his 7870 back in because it ran the same but cooler. maybe a miniature fps drop