7870 vs. 660 (non-ti) vs. 7950 vs. 660 ti

Hello everyone!

So I'm in the market for a new GPU (since my 9800 GT is starting to come to age, sort of) and these are the 4 that I'm trying to decide on.

I mainly game (Battlefield 3, Borderlands 2, etc.), and work with Sony Vegas, Photoshop CS6 and Illustrator CS6.

Plus AMD's deal on Bioshock Infinite + Crysis 3 (or Tomb Raider) is tempting.

So which one should I pick?

There are a lot of threads about this to read through.

They all tend to boil down to:

if you spend more time rendering then gaming = Nvidia

if you spend more time gaming then rendering = AMD

But for this budget I would go AMD every time, The 7870 beats the 660, and the 7950 smashes the 66ti


You should get the 7950

For something that will last get a 7950, it will have OC'd GTX 670/stock 7970 performance when OC'd a fair bit

be careful of bottlenecking ,what kind of cpu do u have?
i would go with 7950 if ur cpu can handle it

I have a AMD Phenom II x4 970 @3.5Ghz Stock. I'm planning on overclocking later though.

"be careful of bottlenecking" - the term bottleneck is overused and totally misunderstood.

I doubt he is running a sub P4 gen CPU (that would bottleneck) if he is running Sony Vegas, Photoshop CS6 and Illustrator CS6.

I'm sort of leaning towards the AMD side of things at the moment.

Which one would give the best performance per dollar?

A 7950 by quite a margin

What about the 7870xt? That's basically a 7950 but cheaper. 

7870 Tahiti LE/XT cards are probably best bang for buck, but they are a stripped down 7950.....a real 7950 is a better performing card.

If I have a tight budget, would the 7870 XT/LE be a better option for the price?

depends. like peps1 said, do you want the bang for the buck or better performance?

Go 7950, and sell the free games if your on a tight budget?

Ok, in the simple answer, if you only game and don't mind not getting extra speed in rendering on adobe stuff, the 7870 beats the 660 in gaming and the 7950 beats the 660 TI in gaming. But if you do use software that use NVIDIA CUDA cores, then definitely get a 660 or 660 TI because CUDA cores help when rendering.

Oh alright, thanks! If I could drop an extra $50 or so, I'll get the 7950. Otherwise, I'll stick with the 7870.

Thanks everyone!