7870 upgrade?

I have a his 7870 right now and in my area people are selling, a msi 270x for $150( he has 3, maybe crossfire?) saphire 280x(3gb) for $220 and a gigabyte 770 oc 4gb for 220$. Are any of these deals i can't pass up? Do i even need an upgrade?

280 x or a 770 with a larger amount of vram will be the better experience for 1080p gaming and such. I would go with the 4gigs of vram.

Those are not good deals, the 270X is the same card as a 7870, and the reason for 3 270X's I can only assume is because they were mining with them. Only two in crossfire with 270X's.

The 280X is priced too high. Used 280X's go for $140 - $180. The GTX 770 isn't technically overpriced, but considering it, like the 280X, is a shameless rebadge I would pass it up.

If you can talk them down on any of those they could become good deals, but you would need to get the prices down to around:

270X - $100 (each)
280X - $160
770 - $160

Ok thanks.

Remind me not to wheel and deal with you :)

I'm up for haggling but in no way is paying $220 for a 4 year old card worth it. You can get a NEW 280X for less right now on Newegg, and the 770 is a victim of nerfed drivers. Hardly outperforms the 960.

Found an xfx r9 280x for 165$ should I pounce on it?

I agree. I purchased 280's for 150 each year or so ago. As far as Nvidia ?

That isn't too bad. XFX has legendary second-owner support as the warranty transfers.

Alright thanks again.

Only caveat is xfx most times not the best at overclocking. coil whine ect... At stock....... decent solid cards.