7870 or similarly priced nvidia?

In the market for a gpu and I'm thinking about getting a Direct CU 2 7870 for around $225.  Is there a better nvidia card for about the same price?

Basically the only price point where Nvidia has the better value card is around 170 bucks, which is the 650 Ti Boost, I believe. A 7870 easily beats that card. The cheapest Nvidia card that beats a 7870 is the 660 Ti in the 270+ range, where it's barely cheaper than a 7950.

That said, if you can find a 7870 XT for around 225, I think they normally go for 240-ish, that will outperform a regular 7870 by a good chunk.

7870 tahiti le (AKA 7870 XT) is like 235$ and it beats the 660 ti! its amazing power for the price


you can also find other brands and better prices on ebay