7870 - HIS vs Asus

discuss which one is the best to buy ( i have found them both for £185 )


Which offers more fps?

Which one is good for simple overclocks?

For sound id say ASUS, but for cooling the HIS wins, part of that being due to is blower design removing all the hot air generated by the card from the case. 

Ive also seen some Asus 7xxx series have cooling VRM problems before although im not so sure how much that impacted the 7870

so do you think i could do an overclock of 1100 mhz on the HIS? and beat the asus?

I am loosing faith in Asus, I would go with the HIS card

Definitley, here are some review where they pushed the card well past 1100Mhz 





@BeyondNight seems pretty unanimous HIS !!


@MrPete1985 i lost faith is asus - mt gtx 550 Ti burnt out after 15 mins gameplay of BF3