7870: Gigabyte or Asus

I am building a new system, and I had a great deal on a Sapphire 7870, however the promo code time ran out because I didin't order it fast enough.  I'm approaching my budget maximum, so price really matters, but I found these two possible cards:




The 1st one is an asus for about $185 on sale right now, and the second is by gigabyte, $15 more.  I was wondering if there would be much of a difference between the two, and if it is worth the extra $15.  

I do play to be overclocking, and I will mostly be playing games, video editing, and bitcoin mining using the card.  


Thanks for the help, and here is what I think the rest of the build will be:



Again thanks.  

I would go with the Asus because it has better cooling and can overclock much better due to it not being voltage locked.

Another vote for Asus.

Get this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814202026

Much better than the 7870 and nearly the exact same price.

You also get 3 free games instead of 2 :D

Mail in rebates are not immediate, you still need the inital amount before the rebate when yo. order, and it can take up to months before recieve the rebate or visa gift card back. 

It's still only 20 dollars more for a free game and alot more preformance.

I am giving him a heads up if he isnt aware

Isn't the 7950 just a little more expensive than the 7870 right now? Much more performance for just $20 more.



So the ASUS will overclock better?  Do you think it will be oveall faster than the gigabyte after being overclocked?  

I also found this:



It's 185/170 w/ rebate, is that adequate?  Will it overclock, or run as well as the ASUS?  Essentially what i'm asking is getting the ASUS worth the extra $15?



7950 is in a nice sweet spot right now . Forget the 7870 . Its almost pointless to even buy a 7870 with the 7950 prices this low.