7870 GHz or 270X?

Hey guys,

I am building a system for my cousin who wants a good mid level gaming rig. PSU is 600W so power won't be a problem. Really what I am asking is which graphics card should I use for this build. Would a 7870 GHz Edition or a R9 270X be the best route for this build? Looking to spend $200 on the GPU.

Much obliged,

Both cards are the same. so it does not realy matter which card you choose. only the firmware is diffrent.

So in your opinion which is the better option?

they are basically the same card so its which ever is cheaper and fits your build better when you go to buy.

indeed if the prices are theĀ  same then i would say get the R9-270X.

but this is the best bang for buck i could find for you, sapphire 7950 $190 bucks after $20 mir. with 3 free games


You should really get the 7950 at least. 7870 s life is over soon unless your crossfiring. Its on the verge of falling into the low end level and being behind game wise.

I think that I'm going to go with the 7950, thanks Angel. Haven't checked yet but I think that 600W will still be plenty for that card. Plus with the added bonus of three games it's a great way to get my cousin into pc gaming on the cheep.

you guys rock,