7870 GHz Edition (will it fit?)

Ok I have an Antec 900 case I will be reusing for my new build. I took some photos of my case with a tape measure, can anyone take a look and tell me what they think?




which card is it? exactly the card. they vary in length if the PCB is custom. you can move the HDD cages around to fit ay size card in an antec 900.

12' is the max length

the longest one I could find is this one at 11.69'




this one bellow might be longer than 12' it doesn't give specs but as long as you don't get that one you should be fine


Yes I was talking about this one


the iceQ doesnt fit in most mid tower cases. which I've learned the hard way! i bought the HIS iceQ for my NZXT LEXA S and i had to send it back. 

I am now using the saphire GHz OC version instead which is working absouloutly devine^^

What case do you have tryewa?

Does anyone know how this card compares to the MSI 7870 GHz edition?




Does anyone know how these compare performance wise?

heres a compare link between the 3 compare link here^^ and generaly they are pretty much the same. the MSI has slighly higher core clock because its factory OC'd and the iceQ runs abit cooler because...well its cooling is frikken huge.

i would go with the MSI just because i think the diamond card is biosed locked which is a bitch if you planned to OC it.

also as yelowcard said you can move around the hdd bays to probably make it fit. but in my opinion i dont like having the graphics card take up the entire case messing with cable routing and airflow, also I found the iceQ to be way to heavy for my liking and you apparently need supports when transporting the card(which ofcourse you dont get with the package)               

 also you might wana look out for the new Tahiti LE cards like this one, those are beast

Yes, the bios is locked but I dont plan on OCing. The Diamond is $20 and $30 cheaper than the other two and that is before any rebates. Gaming wise how far apart are the three of these cards? If there is only a few frames difference in games then why shouldn't I go with the Diamond?


I would say go with the MSI because it has a great cooler and are very high quality.


if you dont plan on ocing then defo go with the diamond as the cooling doesnt really matter(you know what i mean)

fps wise the msi is meaby 5 frames faster becaue of the factory OC but they are practicaly the same.

oh and again, just because i cant stress this enough: the tahti cards are sick. if you can find one that isnt sold out that is :/