7870 ghz edition tahiti LE

Is the 

VTX3D AMD Radeon HD 7870 Graphics Card - Black

a tahiti LE edition or isn't it? If it isn't can you say what one is?

you want the sapphire 7870 XT with boost

Powercolour 7870 myst edition

or royal 7870 joker card

They are all Tahiti LE the vtx3d is not, i dont think they have one yet

Ok thank you :)

so is this a xt/tahiti LE card?


Just look at the Stream processor count and you'll know what kind of card it is.

1024 Stream Processors = Pitcairn Pro (HD7850)

1280 Stream Processors = Pitcairn XT (HD7870)

1536 Stream Processors= Tahiti LE (HD7870 XT)

1792 Stream Processors = Tahiti Pro (HD7950)

2048 Stream Processors = Tahiti XT (HD7970)


ok, now i'll be fine with searching for the tahiti le cards

So is this card


better than this card?


It has a newer chipset so i think so

here is the review i found there is also a video review buy tastypc on youtube