7870 and photoshop?

ok i bought this gpu for gamming and photoshop

but i just read some article where it says open cl is not working great on windows it only works on mac

so is it true are amd cards useless when comes to photoshop and rendring ?? 

are they false advertising ??


and what do u guys think about 1600x900 resolution ?

if ur a gammer and have my card will u prefer it cause i have no use for an hd monitior now 

if i upgrade how will it help me ? 

Photoshop works well with pretty much any modern graphics card.  My Nvidia 550 ti is crap in comparison to most modern graphics cards and it easly works with medium format images.  I would recomend with staying with what you have and only upgrade if you seem to have a gpu related performance issue.  Nvidia is generally better for rendering but for simple things like photoshop, I don't think it makes much of a difference.


Above comment is biased.
Keep the tech you want on your tech feeds.
Companies are pretty good at advertising. You just gotta look yourself at the stats they pull out and judge yourself based on your own research. 

the Mac computers use AMD... 

Nvidia is better at stuff like Photoshop. Love that Cuda acceleration. It also depends on system RAM as well.