7850K vs i5 3570k with 6670

Hey guys, I'm looking into building a computer and I was looking at building a Mostly gaming machine and I'm having a hard time deciding which to get

In canada the A10 goes for $210 while the i5 goes for about $229

the only difference in the build would be the motherboard everything else will cost about the same.

So is it worth the extra 40$ to go i5 and use the spare 6670 I have or should I get the 7850k and hope HSA and those technologies take off?

I would go with the i5. Maybe even a non k i5 and a B85 mobo, and save the rest for a good GPU. Maybe an R9 270x.

Get an i5 if you will be able to save up enough money in a couple of weeks/months to buy a new GPU, if not, the 7850k would be better because you'll get more fps because the 7850's GPU is faster/better. If you do get the 7850, GET FAST RAM, like 2400/2133mhz ram. That'll improve fps a lot. 

Well ram in canada  73$ at the cheapiest... 89$ is for 2400mhz ram.. so I will pick it up at run at like cas 6 at 1600mhz for intel and cas 10 2400mhz if I go amd... 


Please grab the 8320/8350. They are FAR AND ABOVE a better value than the i5. Fanboys, SIT DOWN. 

Wow I guess that means you can sit down too. I like the 8350 and have one but calm down, I5's are great too.

You're obviously right. Not to mention that the AMD boards are cheaper.

He did however ask "i5 or 7850k"...

Well I'm going to overclocking what ever CPU/APU I get to 4.5ghz... would that change anything between a 8350, i5? 

Then I would go with the 8350. It's stupid easy to overclock.

This is my 8350:


 And that's at 1.392 volts. You can go as high as 1.55 volts. I can also reach 4.8 rock stable, but I benchmarked it and there is no gain in FPS so I reduced it to 4.5. This is with aircooling - Thermaltake Frio push-pull. (about the same as Noctua NH D14)

The i5-3570k should also overclock well and it does have better single threaded performance. However, the only games that benefit from this are Total War Rome 2 and Shogun 2. They really like intel CPUs.

Also a thing to take into consideration is that CryEngine and the Frostbite engine will surely use the 8 threads from the 8350. And a lot of games are being made in those two: Dragon Age 3, New Mass Effect on Frostbite, and Star Citizen on the CryEngine. 

What's your budget anyway?

EDIT: Also Star Wars Battlefront 3 on Frostbite. Yay!

500$ right now; but I can work a little higher, so like 300-400 for the processor and MB... 

So the 8350 is 210$. The MB I have is the Gigabayte GA-990FXA-UD3 rev 1.0 - it's a great board, but it is a bit... clumsy in design.

For example, you can't fit a large fan on it - it will cover one of the RAM slots. Also, there is only one CPU cooler connector, so you'll need a spliter. The BIOS is old-school. The rev 1.0 doesn't have LLC.

But, if you have a water-cooler or don't use all 4 slots for RAM, and get a rev 1.1 or higher, it's a really good board. And I mean really good.

It's also relatively cheap.

You should ask around more if you're not in a rush. Don't base your decision just on what I've said.

Also, be aware that you WILL be bottlenecked by your 6670. At some point, you will have to upgrade.

If that's all the money you have for the foreseeable future, then it may be better to buy an FX-6300 and a 970 MB (like the Asus M5A97 R2.0) and use the rest for a new GPU - an R9 270X would be great.

If you have a steady income, you could buy a really nice 990FX MB, and an FX-6300, and then in the future, sell the FX-6300 and upgrade to an FX-8350 and a new GPU.

Okay, thanks... I don't really have a steady income (i'm a Student) this computer is going to last me a good year or 2. 

Where in canada are you located? There are some microcenters in western canada.

Also, when looking be sure to view NCIX.ca and newegg.ca. Amazon.ca hardly has anything cheaper than the two in terms of pc parts.

I know you didn't ask for it specifically but if you are considering FM2+ I would strongly recommend the Athlon II X4 750k processor in you have the dedicated GPU, but that would make your buy radically different: the i5 would more of a mid-high end CPU while the Athlon would be an entry level-mid CPU.

I'd take the athlon over Kaveri because it's stupid cheap and you can most likely overclock it to 4.5+GHz. Also FM2+ motherboards with decent overclocking capabilities are hella cheap too: the ASrock extreme6+ costs around 70€ and it's an 8+2 phase MoBo. Otherwise, if you have some more money to spend, I would go AM3+ or if you dislike the FXs for some reason, i5

I think the A10's R7 GPU outperforms a 6670, I'd sell the 6670, use the extra $40 or so, buy a Athlon 760k and a R9 grade discrete GPU.