7850k vs 6790k APU

Which one of the two is better for overclocking, and performance with a added gpu? Using 2133mhz ram, and a cooler master hyper 212 evo.


7850k for surezee's bro


X2. I just finished ordering one for my Colugo clone.

what parts did you use for that? seems like something useful for me so my pc doesnt take up much space and is portable.

FM2+ mini-ITX boards are fairly limited so I went with the Gigabyte GA-F2A88XN-WIFI. SFX PSU choices are also limited; I chose the Silverstone 450w to save cost. I will also be using Noctua's L9i heatsink.I grabbed all I could that was either on sale or free shipping. The case is rather small so no overclocking.

There really aren't too many variations one can make right now with the FM2+ mITX platform in a TU100 case (that I know of someone else can chime in on this) .

Was pretty apprehensive about an apu build but some of the numbers I'm seeing once over locked aren't bad, since I don't play on high settings. Let me know how your colugo preforms though.

If you are going to run a discrete GPU, just get a Athlon X4 860k, its a 7850K without the iGPU and it is cheaper than both the 7850K and the 6790K. Also having an APU with discrete GPU is pointless because the iGPU turns itself off in the presence of a discrete GPU 

not sure if i will run a gpu because of my budget, how does your 6790k preform? 

Buy the newer tech. Almost always.